Greater St. Louis County Fire Academy
Protective Clothing Requirements
All protective clothing shall meet NFPA STANDARD 1971-PROTECTIVE ENSEMBLE FOR
STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING and be in serviceable condition.

While no NFPA Standard is in use for protective hoods, the use of a Nomex or "PBI" protective hood is required
during all live fire training.

The "Full Protective Ensemble" shall be defined as:

Helmet properly fitted with ear flaps down and chin strap fastened
Hood covering exposed skin around ears, face, and neck
Coat with collar up and throat tab fastened and all closures secure
Pants with suspenders adjusted and all closures secure
Gloves with wristlet (gauntlet gloves approved if a protective resilient wristlet secured through a thumb
grommet is provided as part of the protective coat)
Protective boots and proper overlap of coat/pants

The full protective ensemble is to be worn on all live fire drills, extrication drills, and forcible entry and ventilation drills.  In addition to these times, the ensemble may be worn at the instructor's discretion at any drill.

The use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is not addressed in this document.  This exclusion does
not exempt the requirement for SCBA in hostile environments.


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE:  Approved polycarbonate with 4" faceshield and ear flaps.

PREFERRED:  Approved fiberglass composite with 6" faceshield and 6" ear flaps.      

  • Also acceptable are NFPA 1971-2007 Edition Bourke Easy Flip or NFPA approved helmet goggles.  
  • A Nomex hood must be worn.    


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE:  OSHA approved (leather palms, Kevlar or leather backs.

PREFERRED:  CAL-OSHA approved (built-in heat shield).

  • Plastic coverings (red, orange, etc.) are NOT permitted.  
  • Welders or fireplace gloves are NOT equal to OSHA gloves.      
  • If cuff does not cover wrist with arms at sides, a glove extender must be worn.       


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE:  Nomex coat with full Nomex liner and vapor barrier, bunker pants, and boots.

PREFERRED:  Nomex coat and bunker pants with full Nomex liner and vapor barrier, FR jumpsuit.

  • FR = Flame retardant fabric such as FR-III (ammonia cured cotton), Nomex or Modacrylic.
  • No cotton/polyester fabric is permitted.
  • If coat has outside moisture barrier it must be on a Nomex base.  A nylon base is NOT permitted.
  • Coat and pant liner may be either quilted or needle punched Nomex.  Sleeves and legs must be Nomex
lined.  Quilted nylon is NOT permitted.