Gone ... But Never Forgotten ...
                                   Fire Chief Jerry Buehne, Affton F.P.D.
                                   Dates of Service:  October 15, 1962 - March 10, 2005

                                   "Chief Buehne was a firefighter's Chief," said Affton Fire Protection District
                                   Chief John Rausch.  "He was down to earth, honest and trustworthy.  Everyone
                                   loved him as a brother."

                                   Jerry was promoted to Captain in 1972 and to Assistant Chief in 1979.  In 2001,
                                   he was promoted to the rank of Chief.  He was actively involved with training
throughout his entire career.  He was member of the Greater St. Louis Area Training Coordinates and an
instructor at the St. Louis County Fire Academy since its inception.  The fire service was his life and one
of his loves, along with his family.

Jerry was killed in the line of duty while on his way to a South County Chief's
meeting when a man fleeing a felony and driving at a high rate of speed lost
control of his vehicle and struck Jerry's staff vehicle head on.

"Jerry was a friend to all.  His positive outlook, mild manner and love of life
were his strongest attributes.  He was truly a gentleman.  He died with his pocket
bible in his breast pocket which probably speaks the most of this man and his

(National Fallen Firefighters Foundation site)

    Firefighter Louis Berra, West County E.M.S. & F.P.D.
    Lou was 48 years old and lived with his wife and two children in St. Peters.
    Lou was a Paramedic/Firefighter who had proudly been a member of
    West County EMS and Fire Protection District and IAFF Local 2665 for 11 years
    and served 12 years for the Frontenac Fire Department.
    Lou was an avid marathon runner and cyclist.  

    (Lou is # 18)

Captain William Booth, Sr., Riverview F.P.D.
March 24, 1983

Captain Robert Brehm, Shrewsbury F.D.
January 13, 1977

Volunteer William Brogdon, Spanish Lake F.P.D.
January 22, 1960

Captain Donald Capra, Creve Coeur F.P.D.
January 29, 1960

Lt. William Deutsch, Sr., Gardenville F.P.D.
July 14, 1974

Firefighter/EMT Henry G. Dye, Normandy F.P.D.
Dates of Service:  August 8, 1986 - June 24, 2001
    Firefighter Henry Dye began his career with the Normandy Fire District on August 8, 1986.
    Firefighter Dye was an energetic, dedicated firefighter who proudly served the district for
    15 years until his death.  (Text compiled by Firefighter Jennifer Barbarrotto, Normandy FPD.)

    Firefighter/Paramedic Ryan Hummert, Maplewood F.D.
    July 21, 2008
    Firefighter/Paramedic Hummert began serving the Maplewood Fire Department
    in August 2007.  Ryan died July 21, 2008 from injuries received in the line of
    duty.  The 22-year-old rookie firefighter was ambushed and shot while battling
    what appeared to be a routine truck fire in Maplewood.

Ryan was a leader with a gentle heart, a cool head, and a cunning sense of
humor.  His sister, Ashley, says Ryan had a knack for one-liners.  
One of his favorite words was "chilaxing" - his way of saying he was
"chilling out" and "relaxing".


Private Thomas Leffingwell, Mehlville F.P.D.
July 3, 1973

Chief George H. Manetzke, Jr., Eureka F.P.D.
November 11, 1971

Private Raymond Meyer, Hazelwood F.D.
November 25, 1976

Captain/Chief Medical Officer Dennis Mignerone, Webster Groves F.D.
July 7, 1976 - January 21, 2003
    Dennis died in the line of duty on January 21, 2003 and will be missed by all who knew him.
    Dennis was a loving husband and father, a true friend and a dedicated professional who was
    always willing to help others in need.

    Deputy Chief Mark Parrish, Normandy F.P.D.
    Dates of Service:  March 4, 1978 - October 20, 2004
    In 1978, at the age of 24, Mark Parrish fulfilled a life goal and became a
    firefighter with the Normandy F.P.D.  Mark became a captain in 1983 and was
    promoted to Deputy Chief in 2001.  "Firefighting was his life, 24 hours a day,
    seven days a week and 365 days a year", said Deputy Chief Mike Chapman.  
    "The Fire Department was Mark's family."  

Deputy Chief Parrish was also involved with public safety efforts outside the department.  He was on the
staff as the counter terrorism instructor at the Fire and Rescue Training Institute in Columbia, MO.  He
also trained at the FBI Academy several times throughout his career. Mark was very active with the
annual charity event Guns 'N Hoses, making sure that tickets for this event were distributed to local police
and fire departments.  Mark also was involved with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Mark was an
avid fisherman who enjoyed many fishing trips to the Lake of the Ozarks.

Firefighter/Medic Brad Pierce, St. Charles F.D.
Brad Pierce served the St. Charles Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic from
March 11, 1999 until his death on August 6, 2000.
Known as "Moose" to his co-workers, Brad was a member of the Firefighter Combat
Challenge Team in 1999 and 2000.  Brad served as an emergency medical instructor, as well
as an adult supervisor of St. Charles Fire Department Explorer Post # 9491.  Brad was an
active member of IAFF Local # 757.
Brad died in the line of duty on August 6, 2000.  He will be forever remembered as a
loving husband, father, and firefighter.

Assistant Chief Fred T. Ray, Normandy F.P.D.
Dates of Service:  September 1, 1968 - February 4, 2001
Assistant Chief Fred Ray joined the Normandy Fire District on September 1, 1968.  
Assistant Chief Ray was great leader who proudly served the district for 33 years until his
death.  (Text compiled by Firefighter Jennifer Barbarrotto, Normandy FPD.)

Private Joseph Ritter, Affton F.P.D.
December 13, 1981

    Captain John Simon, Lemay F.P.D.
    Captain John Simon , who served with the Lemay F.P.D. for 24 years died on
    October 19, 2003 after a short battle with cancer.  In his early teens, he volunteered as a
    junior firefighter at the Gardenville F.D. in Affton.  John began his career with the
    Lemay Fire Protection District in 1979 where he attained the rank of captain in 1996.
    From 1979 to 2002, John was an instructor at the St. Louis County Fire Academy, rising
    through the ranks to Deputy Chief Instructor.  In 1996, the 39th Recruit Class of the
    Academy was dedicated to John.  John was a dedicated firefighter and instructor and
    truly loved what he did.

Captain Raymond F. Trog, Chesterfield F.P.D.
March 2, 1979

Private William Walls, Rock Community F.P.D.
June 5, 1995

Captain Clarence Zeilmann, Berkeley F.D.
November 14, 1980
Hymn to the Fallen Hero's

Young and aged
volunteer and career,
man and woman
of all races and colors,
you left aching hearts behind.
An eternal flame
warms your names
inscribed on cold, lifeless plaques
around this stone cairn.
In the hearts you left behind
your memories abide
in undying gratitude.
You asked nothing more
You knew the risks,
served without fear
and paid the highest price.
You embody a quality
of which many only dream.
Your selflessness for others
is now your eternal crown.
O fallen comrades,
give us all this quality
that we may more fittingly
prolong your memory.
.... Anonymous