St. Louis County Fire Standards Commission

:  Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

Education:  Must have a High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma.

Police Record Check:  Must have not been convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral
turpitude or a felony under which the circumstances reasonably affect a person’s
competency to perform the duties of a firefighter.  Applicants are required to provide a
background check from the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  It must be a fingerprint based
search.  The current cost is $28.30.

Driver’s License:  Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Military:  Separation must have been "Under Honorable Conditions".

Candidate Physical Ability Test:  Must pass prior to and for Academy admission.

Medical Insurance:  Must have coverage for the Candidate Physical Ability Test and
duration of Class.
There are 43 different fire departments and fire protection districts in St. Louis County.  Each
agency does their own hiring and has their own individual hiring requirements.  Therefore, you
would need to contact them directly regarding employment.  

To work at any of the 43 Fire Service agencies in St. Louis County, you must be certified
through the St. Louis County Fire Academy.

There are two ways to go through the Academy.

One way is to be hired as a full-time, paid firefighter by a Fire Department or Fire Protection
District in St. Louis County.  Anyone hired as such must attend the St. Louis County Fire
Academy’s Basic Firefighter Training Program within six (6) months of their hire date.  
Therefore, new hires receive first priority in seating in each Academy class.  

While some of the 43 agencies will hire an individual and send them through the Academy,
others will only hire those individuals who have already been through the Academy.  In addition,
you will find that the majority of those agencies which do hire and send through the Academy
require a Paramedic license for employment.

For your information, there are approximately 1,551 firefighters presently working at the 43
different agencies in St. Louis County.  Of those, 82% are Paramedics, 12% are
E.M.T.s (Emergency Medical Technician), and 6% have no E.M.S. Licensure whatsoever.

As you can see, a Paramedic license is very important when seeking employment within the
St. Louis County Fire Service.

Again, you would need to contact the individual agencies regarding employment.
Application for admission to the Academy may be made by requesting an application packet:

- In person at 1266 Sutter Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63133 (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)
- By email at
- By telephone at 314-889-8690

When you have completed your application packet, you may submit it to our office in person or via U.S. Mail.  
Incomplete packets will not be accepted.

Upon receipt, application packets will be date and time stamped.  They will then be reviewed to ensure they are
complete and accurate, and that all requirements have been met.  

Placement in a Recruit Class will be based on a point system. Applicants will earn points as follows:

- Valid Missouri Emergency Medical Technician License = 1 Point
- Valid Missouri Paramedic License = 1 Additional Point
- Fire Standards Commission approved Scholarship, provided the applicant also has a valid
Missouri Paramedic License = 1 Additional Point
- Honorable Discharge from Active Duty U.S. Military Service, provided the applicant also has     
a valid Missouri Paramedic License = 1 Additional Point

Points will be allocated accordingly during the review process of the application packet.

Applicants will be ranked by number of points first, then by the date and time of receipt of their application packet.

* Applicants with current CPAT certification shall have priority over those without CPAT certification for entry
into the St. Louis County Fire Academy.

* Applicants without CPAT certification will be allowed entry into the Fire Academy but must pass the CPAT in
order to graduate with their respective class.

* Candidates who do not pass the CPAT prior to completing the ninth (9th) week of their Academy training will not be
eligible to sit for any of the final exams, will not graduate with their class, and must repeat the entire course at their
own expense to obtain St. Louis County certification.

If an applicant is not rostered for the upcoming Recruit Class, they may remain on the admission list without

If an applicant on the list obtains the licensure and/or approved scholarship required to earn an additional point,
they will need to contact the Fire Standards Commission to inform them of this change and submit the appropriate
paperwork to be awarded the point.

At that time, they would advance on the admission list to the appropriate point category. They will also retain the
date and time stamp of their original application.


There are three (3) classes held each year.  

Classes begin in January, April and September.

All required items must be submitted by the following deadlines to be eligible for the rostering of the specific class

•        January Class – Last Monday in October

•        April Class – Last Monday in December

•        September Class – Last Monday in June

Required items are as follows:

•        Complete application packet (background check MUST be submitted with your application.)

•        Proof of qualifying points.

The St. Louis County Fire Academy has a Scholarship and Education Fund available for eligible applicants. Please see
the attached
Scholarship Announcement and Application Form. Please call Betty Stoecklin at 314-889-8670 for further